Real Time Application and Environment Insights

We monitor logs 24/7 reporting data that is crucial to demand and delivery of digital assets. Today’s environment requires complete control of resources to take full advantage of resources while limiting overhead costs. We offer cognitive insights for Application and Environment health using top of the line solutions.

Modern Web Solutions Focused on Accessibility, Hipaa Compliance, and ROI

We are a Digital Web Service offering leading edge solutions focused on Accessibility, Hipaa Compliance, and Future Growth. All of our products promote Rich Text Results taking advantage of Structured Data for the best SEO value possible. With cutting edge workflow and version control we deliver a product that is focused on quality first.

Our Analytic and Uptime Solution Providers


Cloudflare is a must for almost every application. You can not beat their services offering data protection and malicious attacks.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure adds a ton of tools to our belt that allows us to take full advantage of security and workflows with peace of mind.

Amazon Cloud Watch


Powerful monitoring offered by AWS that allows tracing of Database transactions/queries, tcp/ip traffic, and so much more.


Real time logging with ridiculous parsing boasting Kibana allowing for unlimited queries targeting almost anything you can imagine.