Surelock Communications Website Design & Development



Project Background

Wireless Mobility is now the norm and people expect to be connected via wireless wherever they go. Surelock Communications was founded more than ten years ago by experienced R.F. engineers who saw a need to address the need for ubiquitous wireless coverage inside the workplace.

Today Surelock specializes in affordable In-Building wireless systems that empower their customers productivity and well being by creating a stable and secure mobile wireless environment.

Cross Browser / Platform Compatibility

All of our websites offer “full” cross browser compatibility in that we apply the ability for a website to function across different browsers/devices and degrade gracefully when browser features are absent or lacking. For example: this website was built in 2014 and still looks great today with no modifications to date.








  • Create a website to showcase company brand and products with professionalism.
  • Allow potential clients to be able to request information with website forms to send data via PHP and email.
  • Gather as much data about the company and product line to formulate an end user experience that is friendly.
  • Secure website with SSL and retain versioning with host backups.

Client Goals

  • Create a new website with a focus on product advertisements in a brochure type manner.
  • Allow for users to be able to have access to a multitude of unique contact forms within the site.
  • Offer equipment information and service requests to clients with ease.
  • Ability to login to website and administer content and functionality.
  • Promote brand consistency within standards affiliated with marketing paths.

Services Provided

  • Installation of WordPress.
  • Creation of Database and services
  • Hosting Upgrade to a Virtual Private Server with dedicated resources
  • Created file transfers via FTP and hosts.
  • Creation of new theme based on BootStrap CSS/Javascript Framework
  • Migration away from a broken, static HTML website.
  • Migration and formatting of existing content to flow with new site.
  • Graphic design services for image manipulation.
  • Website Front-end / Back-end development