Warren Southwest Refrigeration Website Design

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Project Background

With a reputation established over 75 years ago, this family-owned-and-operated company prides itself on the quality and excellence.

Our team delivered an esthetically pleasing final product that allows online users to easily find everything you maybe looking for your restaurant, grocery story, or warehouse.

Interested in a product or service? Fill out any of our custom contact forms and our dedicated staff will respond asap. Multiple call to actions were necessary to help promote consumer interaction.

Cross Browser / Platform Compatibility

All of our websites offer “full” cross browser compatibility in that we apply the ability for a website to function across different browsers/devices and degrade gracefully when browser features are absent or lacking. Except for Internet Explorer. We hate Internet Explorer. JK, we can work with IE as well.





  • Export existing Data (250+ products) from current broken website and rebuild missing data
  • Repair CSS and to get a visual concept of the direction the website was targeting.
  • Retain as much previous work as possible by debugging all broken assets of original Elementor page builder design into new updated theme using native Gutenburg editor.
  • CI/CD adhoc requests while restructuring eCommerce data organization.

Client Goals

  • Create a new website with a focus on product advertisement without being an eCommerce store.
  • Allow for users to be able to have access to a multitude of unique contact forms within the site.
  • Promote form submissions to be conditionally submitted to unique recipients depending on source paths.
  • Offer parts/equipment and service requests for information to clients with ease.
  • Remove eCommerce functionality from the existing website and scale the platform down to more of a brochure type catalog experience

Services Provided

  • Major WP upgrade from 5.8 to ver 6.2.
  • PHP upgrade from 7.2 to 8.0
  • Hosting Upgrade to a Virtual Private Server with dedicated resources
  • Development, Staging, and Production sites utilizing GIT workflow for version control
  • Creation of new theme based on BootStrap CSS/Javascript Framework
  • Migration away from Elementor page builder AKA WP Bakery into WP’s native Gutenburg page builder.
  • Migration of broken content from Elementor into new theme markup for styling.
  • Custom loop queries to provide non associated content within carousels.
  • Data Reorganization
  • Graphic Design